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Exploring The World Of Phlebotomy
Medical course like Nursing, then you might want to consider taking course related to phlebotomy and be a certified phlebotomist. Phlebotomists are … Read More

Get The Phlebotomy Course Bay Area
You can just have a look into the formal web page over there you can able to discover the phlebotomy course bay area . Many individuals use to the higher education and got … Read More

phlebotomy Schools California
Bright future. If you want to have the best quality of education then you must join this phlebotomy school. They offer this course in various computes. So, you can able to get the best education in the nearby area … Read More

Next Phlebotomy Course
Next Phlebotomy Course August 25, 2011 by zachar324 Leave a Comment The next phlebotomy certification course we … Read More

Spring Semester 2009 Phlebotomy Class
Give up a decent job to follow up on that interest. Phlebotomy is one of those things. It’s a basic semester course that will give the student a way to get into health … Read More

Phlebotomy And Online Preventive Medicine
On Tuesday, I took an optional day-long course at CCF to learn how to draw blood. It was free, and phlebotomy seems like a useful skill to have, so I figured why not. There … Read More

Cover Letter For Phlebotomy Technician
As a Certified Medical Assistant, but over the course of my work at St. John's Hospital I have concentrated on Phlebotomy . I have received 3 years of hospital … Read More

phlebotomy Schools California
I am very glad to tell about the phlebotomy schools california . Here various services and courses. You can select the best from those … Read More

Why A Career In Phlebotomy Training?
, Phlebotomy Certification , Phlebotomy Schools and Courses accredited phlebotomy schools , become a certified phlebotomist , phlebotomy … Read More

Benefits Of Completing A Phlebotomy Course
Really going to be in your best interests to complete some type of phlebotomy course or program if not become fully certified. Completing a program not only … Read More

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  • Medical Assisting - Diploma
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • And more...
Locations:  Grand Prairie
  • Flexible, online and on-campus program available.
  • Capstone projects and clinical practicums that can help prepare students for more career opportunities.
  • Students learn from instructors with experience in the health care field.
  • Programs include Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, Master of Health Care Administration, and more.


  • BS in Health and Wellness
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

Miller-Motte Technical College (MMTC) has a history of helping students succeed through hands-on education and career training. Our faculty and staff work to ensure that when you've completed your program, you're truly ready to begin your career.


  • Medical Assisting - Associate of Occupational Science
Locations:  Roanoke