Top Phlebotomy Websites and Blogs


There are probably more phlebotomy websites and blogs on the Internet than you could possibly imagine, and unless you are planning on going into this field it’s not something you will likely need to research. But if you are going to phlebotomy school, looking for phlebotomy jobs or are currently working as a phlebotomist, these websites and blogs could be valuable resources for you. There are academic journals, articles on current news and trends, educational resources, job postings, personal blogs, study guides and all sorts of other specialized resources available for phlebotomists online.

The following are some of the top phlebotomy websites and blogs that you will find across the World Wide Web:

Top Phlebotomy Schools (
Advance News Magazines (
Bartleby (
Center for Phlebotomy Education (
Central Venous Access (
Gray’s Anatomy (
Health Care Jobs (
Phlebotomy – Blood Draw and Collection (
Phlebotomy: The Ancient Art of Bloodletting (
The Drawing Room (
The Nursing Center (
The Unofficial Phlebotomy Homepage (

Some of these are blogs, such as the Gray’s Anatomy page. These can be very helpful as you are trying to get accustomed to this field of study and want to learn more from people who are already working as phlebotomists. Other sites, such as the Unofficial Phlebotomy Page, are more of a general guide about the body and the systems that carry blood. This sort of thing is good when you’re looking for a quick reference for a school paper. Some of the sites are also geared towards professionals working in the field and feature articles about the latest news in the field. And then there are sites that offer healthcare job information, so you can look for open phlebotomy positions to apply for.

As you enter the field of phlebotomy and make your way through your career path, you will probably find a number of sites on your own that you begin to rely on for information that is relevant to you. This collection of websites and blogs is a good place to start.

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