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Phlebotomy – Navarro College
Phlebotomy is a course composed of 40 hours of lecture covering the theoretical and practical aspects of specimen collection for clinical laboratories. Certification is granted by the certifying organization after receiving a passing grade on their exam. Cost for the exam is about $125.00. … Read More

NHA Certification Information For Phlebotomists
Once the profile is complete, the candidate can register and then apply to take the phlebotomy certification exam. The cost to take the exam is $105. You will need a scaled score of 390 to pass the exam (NHA score scale: 200-500). … Read More

Phlebotomy Certification Exam | Online Phlebotomy …
Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CPT) The NPCE Online Phlebotomy Exam is offered to those who have already acquired 50 or more venipunctures, in addition … Read More

Phlebotomy Certification, Interview With A Professional
Phlebotomy certification discussed in an interview with Ashley Black, certified phlebotomist. She talks about how to prepare the exam and what is the cost … Read More

Certification Station – Phlebotomy Certification
Phlebotomy Certification. Do I have to be a doctor or nurse to get a phlebotomy certification? No. With the critical shortage of doctors and nurses in today's medical profession, more and more hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other … Read More

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Find resources to become a certified phlebotomist, such as phlebotomy study guides, phlebotomy practice tests, certification information and courses. … Read More

Phlebotomy Certification In Your Area | Phlebotomy Training …
A phlebotomy certification exam is offered by a credentialing body established to deem individuals competent of their phlebotomy skill set and ready to work in a phlebotomy position. The cost of phlebotomy certification is most often included in the class registration fee and/or may be charged … Read More

How To Get Certification For A Phlebotomist? | Phlebotomy …
Phlebotomy certification refers to the process by which the value of phlebotomists is recognized. This is usually done by exposing those who have finished phlebotomist training to a phlebotomy certification exam. … Read More

National Phlebotomy Association~Education & Certification In …
Welcome to the National Phlebotomy Association online exam prep course. The purpose of these exams are to help you prepare for the National Phlebotomy's Board Examination for national certification as a phlebotomist. … Read More

Phlebotomy Training In New York
Phlebotomy Certification Exam and Cost. The New York phlebotomy certification exam costs $110. What’s the Average Salary of a Phlebotomist in New York? The average annual salary of a phlebotomist in New York is roughly $26,500. … Read More

Phlebotomy Training | Courses & Information
Certification is essential for those who want to become certified phlebotomy technicians, phlebotomy certification programs help students develop the necessary aptitudes and skills for performing venipuncture tasks in clinical settings. … Read More

Phlebotomy Certification
Get more information and find out everything you need to know on how to obtain your Phlebotomy Certification and get started today. … Read More

Florida Phlebotomy Certification | Phlebotomist Certificate – FL
Phlebotomy Certification Exam in Florida – FL. By law in the state of Florida, a phlebotomist must be state certified or they are not allowed to work. The Florida Phlebotomy Regulations specific requirements for certification are listed below. … Read More