Phlebotomy Certification Practice Examination Questions

Phlebotomy Certification Practice Examination Questions

Evaluate your knowledge about phlebotomy technician certification today! Listed below you will certainly discover some practice test inquiries. These are to aid you in planning for taking the phlebotomist certification test. The responses are provided at the end of the exam. Examine back frequently as we will certainly be upgrading and also rotating test questions. If you would certainly such as a complete CPT examination method examination, please email us at for more details.

1. If you are aiming to quit the blood loss from a needle stick, which of the adhering to is the finest technique?

A. Longitudinal pressure
B. Tourniquet
C. Direct stress
D. Indirect pressure

2. Which of the adhering to is a test made use of to check heparin degrees?

C. H&H

3. Which of the following is the inmost layer of the skin?

A. Stratum spinosum
B. Stratum granulosum
C. Stratum corneum
D. Stratum basale

4. The location of a blood smear that is checked is called the _____.

A. Feather
B. Agate
C. Analyte
D. Whorls

5. Which of the following matches the meaning: extreme RBC manufacturing?

A. Polycythemia
B. Dehiscence
C. Escharotic s condition
D. Transection

6. Which of the complying with is the optimum advised depth of a heel slit according to the NCCLS?

A. 1.7 mm
B. 1.0 mm
C. 2.6 mm
D. 2.0 mm

7. PKU Tests are most generally executed with ___.

A. Skin puncture blood
B. BUN evaluation
C. Bilirubin specimens
D. Arterial blood

8. Which of the following terms matches the interpretation: winged infusion set?

A. butterfly needle
C. hub
D. hematoma

9. Which of the following is identified by the acronym (CPD)?

A. Citrate Potassium Dextrose
B. Citrate Phosphate Dextrose
C. Cervical Positioning Device
D. Citrate Potassium Disinfectant

10. According to the Zone of Comfort, if you are standing 3 feet from an individual you are within ____.

A. Social Distance
B. Public Distance
C. Intimate Distance
D. Personal Distance

11. If a patient s breathing quits suddenly throughout blood collection, the phlebotomist must:
A. drink the individual vigrously
B. stop the collection as well as call for aid
C. neglect it if untrained in resuscitation
D. proceed the collection till complete

Solution Key
6. A.
8. A.

3. A.
5. A.
6. A.
8. A.