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Christmas Newsletter 2011 Bill And TerriLu Ross Family
With their eight wonderful kids Bill has had an uptick in phlebotomies lately. They siphoned off a pint of blood in October and then again sixty … Read More

New Update
I had better go, gotta finish an online test and an online assignment for class tomorrow. I hope everyone has a happy Labor Day! Oh, and thank you to everyone … Read More

Learning Opportunities Galore!
Medical Terminology and Phlebotomy Skills). I am not to make a note of the classes I'm interested inwhat kind of info I can find online for self study or just … Read More

What Is The Nature Of Digital Wisdom?
And 101 Free Open Course Classes to Learn How to Build ANYTHING art and architecture. Online Nursing Degree . Phlebotomy Technician Schools … Read More

Vania Cruz-Perez
Others. She doesn’t teach classes, per se, but she does come up withFairy Society Magazine" "Frills & Fancy Online Magazine" "The Sun Coast News" She has … Read More

And why it sends my iron levels sky-high and requires periodic phlebotomies . Oh yes. Phlebotomies. That’s another story for another post. I have really graphic … Read More

Last Weekend In November (aka Christmas Approacheth)
For the wedding (I had seen these cufflinks online before but stumbled across them in a shop in The Distillery a few … Read More

Whatever Will Be
By phone days earlier that she was leaving with Phlebotomy prior to my attendance. Much lifting of lids and delving into … Read More

A brand NEW Phlebotomy course that starts Marchto face events and online learning Trudy Dailey’s class is using the … Read More

Procrastination Rhymes With WHAT?!
My weekend, well long weekend, I only have class class Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Mondays and Fridays are online. I usually do not do anything on those … Read More

Update. sortof…
Penrose…) in PICU move out get phlebotomy certification stay at memorialim NOT doing seminary online, and i dont know if ill have the time or the energy to take classes while im an RN. so … Read More

Sponsors Needed For Annual STEM Bowl
The Academic Services Unit for Lake County schools will hold the fourth annual STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Bowl Feb. 12 through 14 at Lake Receptions in Mount Dora. Teams from two dozen elementary schools will participate in the academic competition.         … Read News

Nerd who only has nerd friends online. Yeah sounds about right. Maybe I would as much as the rest of the fucking class, NOT because we had stuff in common. I … Read More

Out! Trudy Dailey’s Adult Education class has been introducedinterview. The courseware is free and available online to anyone. Check it out at www.floridareadytowork … Read More

Trying To Blog From MS Word….
Baby, my Wookie-Pie. So today. I'm sad. I sit here. With nothing to do, because I have no class on Fridays. Thinking about how much I miss my puppy. Wanting … Read More