Phlebotomy Courses In Ny

I Am So Grateful To All Of You Who Continue To Read This Blog Despite My Sometimes Extended Periods Of Absence
Server at one of the exclusive country clubs in the area (there are many – their mnuch money there that he "retired" from phlebotomy, and works full time as a server but … Read More

Syphilis And Theories Of Contagion
III (1548).translation. Wright, Wilmer Cave, New York. NY: Putnam, 1930.p. ix. 67 Arrizabalaga, J., Henderson, J., and French, R.The Great Pox:The French Disease in Renaissance Europe, London, U.K.: Yale University Press … Read More

And So The LPN Vs. Medical Assistant Debate Continues…
They are employed in and what is expected of credentialed for various specialties (like phlebotomy, EKG, administrative and clinical medical assistant, etc … Read More

New Grads Pt. II: NCLEX, And Getting A Job
Need and can get, go do it. IV/phlebotomy, 12-lead interpretation, Bulgarianc) Whatever the dominant language in your area is, besides Englisha stab at it. If you live in NY state, FL, or within 3 … Read More