Phlebotomy Schools In Nc


And So The LPN Vs. Medical Assistant Debate Continues…
More LPN programs in NYC because more LPN's are neededso. This is something that Med. Asst. schools would like you to believe so you can enroll into … Read More

Hola, Como Estas? And A WALK IN THE WOODS
Through IL, IN, KY, TN, NC, AL, and GA…(only gotwaterfall at the terminus of a trail in the Smokies, walk through lately! (The secret: a phlebotomy just before we left town!) At one … Read More

This Amount Of Time It Takes To Load The Pictures in This Post Is Meant To Encourage You To Drink With Me.
It's not cancer." It's just two hours in the van. Missing lots of cute with the tutu, boots, and lead apron. Phlebotomy, schmeblotomy. Eve is probably one of a few … Read More